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Richard Pinches – Director of Photography

Richard started his photography career after he graduated from art college in 1985. Quickly progressing to setting up his own studio on his parents’ farm in Henley-on-Thames, where in 1988, he converted some barns and began shooting commercial and advertising briefs for many global brands from 3M to Xerox. His 30 plus years as a photographer means he is supremely comfortable on even tricky photo shoots.

Richard first started shooting commercial videos in the mid Nineties but it is the digital era that has seen him expand considerably in the realm of the moving image.  This has been helped by his extensive studio with a drive-in car infinity cove and sound proofed green screen stage.  Most importantly he has his own in-house digital team that includes motion control, stop frame animation, time-lapse, 360 Virtual Reality, CGI and VFX artists and UAV aerial drone pilots.  His obsessive attention to detail and lighting skills  has gained him a valued reputation in still and moving images, as you can see from the kind endorsements provided by previous clients.

Richard together with his producer/director partner, Liz Howard, have their own in-house production company and have produced commercial and narrative films together.  Richard’s short films have garnered accolade and awards. Richard and Liz worked on their first feature film last year with regular collaborators Craven Street Productions and Richard and Liz are currently scripting their own first feature film.

Call: +44 (0) 1491 577789
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