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I have worked with Richard on several occasions and can say he is a true professional in every sense. Technically superb, enthusiastic and generous in all aspects, and above all creatively gifted. He is calm, collected, and positive at all times, always aiming to elevate the task at hand for the best possible outcome.  An absolute pleasure to work with.

Alex Gower-Jackson, Director, Maybery Corporate Video

Firstly I can’t tell you how excited we all are about the film. Its brilliant and if its gives you goosebumps you can imagine how much we love it. It is amazing and more than I ever hoped for. I must have watched it 20 times already!

Will Stonor, Aerial film for Stonor Park

Richard’s talent for lighting and composition, together with his attention to detail, means he’s our number one choice for challenging shoots.  His tireless energy means he spends as much care over the last shot as he did the first.

Peter Wilkinson, Creative Director, Milestone Strategic Design Ltd

I can highly recommend working with Richard and his crew.  He clearly loves what he does and once on a project will dedicate himself to getting the best shots he can and making the project work.  With shed loads of gear and enthusiasm working with Richard is a wise decision.

Richard Madgwick, Writer/Director, Without Direction

Convincing Richard to get on board with Alarm Clock Kid was a godsend: he mentored me and provided me with studio space, lighting, rigs, cameras, lenses, transport, contacts; the works. And after all that, he gave me the freedom to direct my film how I wanted it made: with all his experience, Richard stood back and gave me that space to explore and learn and make mistakes; and I am very grateful.  Alarm Clock Kid never would have got made without his encouragement. That’s what I like most about Richard, he isn’t precious about what he knows; he sees guys like me who are just starting out and he wants to support you to become a better artist.  There aren’t very many people like that around.  It’s inspiring and I will always remember his generosity and the fun we’ve had shooting.

Charlie MacRae Tod, Writer / Director, Alarm Clock kid

Richard’s eye for detail coupled with his vast experience has helped us to enhance our visual presence.  He clearly relishes his job and it shows in his enthusiasm.  Always the consummate professional, working fast but with an unwavering eye for detail and searching for new and better angles, working with a Richard is true delight.

Sanjay Chalisey, EMEA Creative Services Manager, Herbalife UK Limited