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You have taken the first step towards winning this fantastic new tech term book. You won’t be disappointed. It is a comprehensive study of over 300 film terminologies and acronyms and it’s all done with tongue stuck firmly in cheek! This book features fantastic cartoons from my friend, Gray Jolliffe of Wicked Willy and Chloe & Co fame.

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The draw will be made on the 30th April.


Alan Smithee
Are you a director who has f***ed up a film? Lost control in the edit and hate the final cut? Then you’ll be wanting your director credit changed to this industry standard replacement.

Dead cat
AKA fluffy, or Dougal if you are my age. Basically, a hairy cover for a mic blimp to cut wind noise, can be stroked to calm nerves in moments of crisis.

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"Laugh while you learn"
Adam Vanryne
ARPS MPG Producer